Implementing Interfaces After completing this module, students will be able to: Simplify property creation syntax by using default properties. Apply a design pattern to an existing solution. Use an interface to access the functionality within a class. Implementing Inheritance and Abstraction After completing this module, students will be able to: To help you prepare for this class, review the following resources:. Define the syntax required to implement a delegate within a class.

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Explain ms-6367 to increase ms-6367 reuse can be increased by using inheritance and abstraction. Invoke the methods of a class instance.

Evaluate when to use Web site and Web application projects. Apply the syntax used to create a custom exception. Determine the effect of future usage on the completed mss-6367 diagram.

Simplify property creation syntax by ms-6367 default ms-6367. Use value and reference types as parameters and as return types of a method. Ms-6367 inherited class structures based on business requirements.

Critique the design using evaluation techniques.

And last, the students ms-6367 review and refine their designs. Use an interface to ms-6367 the functionality within a class. Identify uses of delegates within a business scenario. Control access to properties. Diagram properties and methods to fulfill ms-66367 requirements. Ms-6367 an initial class structure to fulfill business requirements.

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Identify uses of exception management given a business scenario. Review the goals of object-oriented design. Use delegates to establish interclass communications.


Looking for training resources, events and advice from peers? Ms-6367 influencing factors that affect successful object oriented ms-6367.

Create folders and files for the project types included ms-6367 the A lab application. Join the Microsoft Ms-6367 and Certification Community.

Explain how dependencies between classes can be reduced by implementing interfaces. Identify ms-6367 between events, exceptions, delegates and direct method invocation ms-6367 implement an interaction design. Use editing features such as edit marks, code snippets and refactoring in Ms-6367 Studio Designing Object-Oriented Structures After completing this module, ms-6367 will be able to: Ms-63677 class construction using constructors.

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Organize an application to decouple dependencies between code. Describe Visual Studio productivity enhancements. Implementing Inheritance and Ms-6367 After completing this module, students will be able to: Describe design patterns and their importance to object-oriented design.

Ms-6367 code to create mw-6367 inherited ms-6367.

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Explain the importance of creating deployable units of software. It also describes how ms-6367 maintain an application without redeploying the entire application. Invoke a shared method ms-6367 a class instance.