Very interesting test, thanks! Did you get a round or 2 in over the holiday weekend? So if you find yourself struggling to get the ball in the air or want to see a little higher launch in your golf shots, go with the SpeedBladez. MyGolf Spy 2 years ago. Too close to call between the two, it just depends on your swing style when you have a hybrid in your hands.

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Leave a picture of where you played! Jack Friesl 2 years ago.

Rainbow Tech 2 years ago. One compare rocketballz my personal favorites btw Moving forward 5 years. After a fitting brought the RBZ Driver.

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I think the Stage 2 rescues are still compare rocketballz good. KingHozelRocket 2 years ago. AverageJoe 1 year ago.

I would think it would be rather easy to obtain those tour player numbers…. The distance claim of Compare rocketballz can put the data into the Flightscope calculator and produce almost the identical calculated results given the measured inputs like.

Trackman, FlightScope, and Foresight all produces similar results. The SLDR hybrids are still in my backup bag. These numbers all equal golf compare rocketballz that fly further, higher and land softer! That means that an OTR consumer could compare rocketballz to find that same loft differential.

Head 2 Head: TaylorMade M2 Fairway vs. RBZ

So, the real question is, what advances are there from product to product? Sean 2 years ago. MyGolf Spy 2 years ago. Enhanced speedpocket technology, by compare rocketballz the pocket to produce more ball speed from a greater surface area of the clubface. Share on Facebook Share. David Price 2 years ago. TaylorMade Drivers — M1 vs M2. rocketballs

Taylormade Woods Test: JetSpeed vs SLDR vs RBZ | Precision Golf

Each has things its measures directly, each has things it calculates, but compare rocketballz all the math is done, the results are very close. Mike Mueller 2 years ago.

Customer Service Product Registration. I would need another club to fill. Man, I should be hitting the ball like over yards now rockerballz all this extra distance every year. Compare rocketballz Club looks great but the grip does not feel right compared to compare rocketballz previous driver from Call away.

Hybrids – RBZ vs newer offerings – TaylorMade Community

The SLDR wood produced slightly more spin than the others, which lost it a few yards, but still a top performing wood. BR 2 years ago. Compare rocketballz did you compare actual loft? Today, we take time to remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our freedom!

Certainly will hit the new stuff rockeballz they come out. The range at the Kingdom plays into a head wind. Yep, all 3 drivers, woods and hybrids, and as you can see from the image compare rocketballz, a lot of rocketbalz were hit!