View All 6 Photos in Gallery. The menus were created to be very simple and clear. So we decided to find out if this budget-priced Kodak really is punching above its weight or if it’s a lightweight through and through. From the off position in the middle of the dial, you can switch to these modes: Build quality of the camera was good. You can now favorite images in Google Photos. Currently we see part

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All of the shooting modes are accessible from the mode dial on the top of the camera. I’m also not crazy kodak easyshare c875 the results of my flash test shots; the flash was just too weak.

Kodak Easyshare C875 Digital Camera Review

By Cliff Smith Easyshhare 5, 6: Kodak easyshare c875 surprised us with its good high ISO performance, though.

Kodak C Review Tweet Share. May 23, 64 mobile. The images showed good detail across the frame and a good dynamic range. Camera Performance and Image Quality The camera operates quickly enough for kodak easyshare c875 users. For installation of LCD, we provide you with two options. Also shop in Also shop in.

It was kodak easyshare c875 for easy scrolling through menus and adjusting settings. The menus were created to be very simple and clear. May 26, 97 accessory review.

kodak easyshare c875 Also, large-thumbed users will find easysuare tiny zoom rocker difficult to manipulate, and the joystick’s occasional sticking and slipping may make you wish kodak easyshare c875 a more conventional directional pad. With the EasyShare C, Kodak’s reputation for making decent-quality, entry-level cameras remains unsullied.

Cons Some strong purple fringing. When you switch over to macro, you can get as close as 4 inches.

Though the Kodak C has a sports mode, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this camera for anything too intense, though it might work at a kid’s soccer game. Battery life was average using high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries.

As an added bonus, this change dramatically drops kodak easyshare c875 prices for all three options.

Does that mean that bigger is no longer necessarily kodak easyshare c875 Images can be captured at resolutions of: Unlike some competing models, the Kodak EasyShare C’s buttons and controls are clearly labeled and large enough for even big fingers to operate.

Kodak EasyShare C zoom digital camera — User’s guide

While we work through kodak easyshare c875 full review, check out our preliminary sample gallery to get a feel for how it performs. Does sensor size still make a difference? Kodak succeeds in this respect with the EasyShare C, the high-end member of the EasyShare C series of snapshot cameras. Visit our network of sites: A camera doesn’t have to be ambitious to be worthwhile. RED simplifies cinema camera kodak easyshare c875, dramatically drops prices.

First chose the direction you want to pan — either Left to Right or Right to Left — and take your first picture. Many shots I took indoors and outdoors under dull lighting kodak easyshare c875 barely illuminated by the C’s flash, with plenty of kodak easyshare c875.

From then onward it embraced digital essyshare, even ceasing production of all its film cameras, while its digital cameras steadily improved in quality. In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best.

This is a great idea for any user who has clumsily fumbled with a digital camera’s multiple scene modes only to find kodak easyshare c875 that all their fumbling has caused them to miss the shot. In essence, the C has the ability to “guess” which scene mode you may want to use, based on what the camera sees. Our products are quality assured! Buttons and dials on the Kodak C are large enough for even big fingers to press and clearly labeled in plain English so beginning users won’t need kodak easyshare c875 glossary to decipher their meaning.