If the fan works fine, probably you are correct. Some people mentioned that I should have applied some liquid flux underneath the chip for better results. I need to heat it up cos my dv4 is not displaying on the internal and a external monitor I used to confirm. I am actually been sending my clients laptop into a repair shop every time i encounter this problem, and i am not getting any clue as to how they are doing it because they are hiding it from me, may be because they know how easy it is to learn. Or should i buy a new one graphic card? The components have not been tested or released by Fujitsu on these operating systems.

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Do you think removing gpu can actually boot laptop.

Ignore the buffoons who say touch stuff to check temps etc… ask them to stick their fingers amilo xa 2528 a mains socket to see if the electric is still flowing! Sure the repair buys you amilo xa 2528 time, but advice from a tech about laptops, avoid purchasing machines with Nvidia chips in them. Joe Shields December 29, I got a heat gun from Harbor Freight… Cheap… Covered the mother board with foil except the GPU… Ran the heat gun on low setting for 60 seconds… And the laptop works… It was a good idea to test the solder on the penny first amilo xa 2528 get the time seconds needed for your heat gun to melt the solder properly… Just for fun i took off the heat sink pad from the GPU and used good high silver heatsink compound and a penny for a spacer… put compound on both sides of the penny and stuck it to the GPU… It fit great and oozed out the compound from both sides… so nice and tight… Thanks again!

David July 13, I think der is a problem with the n vidia.

Nvidia GeForce Grafikchip defekt? – Laptop Reparatur

I am still grieving for it and refuse to believe it is dead. Debbie November 20, Jan Zelman September 25, Just follow the amilo xa 2528. Carlos Silva Amio 8, It was a test laptop.

Richard October 18, amilo xa 2528 Getting ready to do again but wondering if flux may make it work even longer. Also software to monitor temperatures would add much useful info to the topic if you do have a go. I have found that amilo xa 2528 after I turn on the laptop and it powers on without booting I just leave the laptop on a pillow or any other surface which is a poor conductor of heat and let the laptop get very very warm for about an hour, the laptop will work when I power dowm the laptop and reboot.

Martoni March 8, Enter text from picture: The thing is, laptop boards have the button-cell batteries fitted, and that means the board is carrying the usual 3 volts around. Would this not be better than heating the whole computer up using the aamilo wrap method assuming you have a screw driver and can take the back off amilo xa 2528 computer?

Amilo xa 2528 new thermal grease and install heatsink.

Nvidia GeForce Grafikchip Reparatur

But I did mine in the oven. Maybe this board is defective and has to be replaced.

I want to thank you for your post because I amilo xa 2528 just followed your method using a Fermi FHG heat gun and the laptop lives! The draught from the gun tries to blow the foil around unless you can steady it so wear a glove. Manuel September 15, The ps3 worked for over a amilo xa 2528, but died after that, i redid anilo ps3 in oven bake method and it worked like a charm after that. Still have the majority of it in parts though.

Changed a couple things. Then Ill do the heat gun fix!

Betriebssystem löschen und anderes installieren (Windows 7, Windows XP)

Repaste your cpu at the same time. Alle auf unserer Webseite genannten Marken- und Produktnamen sind Warenzeichen oder eingetragene Warenzeichen des jeweiligen Herstellers. Dont you amilo xa 2528 som new flux to amllo away anny oxides in the cracked yoints?? Bayo November 26, But i have to do other option which is the video chip try to reheat it if possible the amilo xa 2528 can be restore but got no luck,but the worse is after reheating the video chip the laptop is dead no more power at all.

Used the oven way once on this v before and it worked for approx.