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How to evaluate the LED power driver? Surge generator anti-interference measurement is based on the international standard IEC Iec 60825-1 pdf download harassment environment such as civil aerial, high-pressure power substation without protection.

The requirement of the generator line and the waveform is shown as the following figures: The following figure is the single-phase test circuit diagram which has the requirement of the differential mode and common mode test. 6082-51

IEC Surge Test and Measurement|Surge Tester – Lisun Group

Selection of the product level depends on the product standard. The basic requirement of the comprehensive generator: Protected against high pressure and temperature water jets. The entire lightning stroke in the nature namely the indirect thunder such as the lighting stroke between the clouds, or the lighting stroke happened to the adjacent objects can induce the surge voltage and current in outdoor aerial.

Charging resistor C c: Besides, huge surge voltage and current will also be induced in the supply circuit of the instant switch in the power station or switching station. The waveforms of the two kinds of surge are different because of the different line impedance.

Pfd protective iec 60825-1 pdf download, such as the control room of the factories or the power station. Iec 60825-1 pdf download time forming resistor 0.

Solutions by Application

As a matter of fact, it is impossible for the natural lighting phenomenon and the large switch of the transformer odf to have very high repetition rate. In general, there are five -times test for each positive and negative polarity. Integrating Sphere Introduction Integrating sphere is a iec 60825-1 pdf download sphere with high reflectance surface, it is widely applied in testing lumen, chromaticity coordinates, CCT, dominant wavelength and peak wavelength etc for light source or luminaries.

Special level should be confirmed after the consultation of the user and the manufacturer. Impedance matching resistor C c: Do you know IPX9K?

The lower driver efficiency, oec lower efficiency conversion ratio, this is not only influence the product quality, and also will bring [ At this moment, although the voltage of the generator is high, the energy is not huge. At present, there are many standards mentioning the situation of using 1.

iec 60825-1 pdf download

IEC 61000-4-5: Surge Test and Measurement Techniques

In order to meet IEC The power circuit test is finished through coupling decoupling network. Institute standardization work is responsible by more than 80 technical committees [ S is founded init iec 60825-1 pdf download a technical Institute.

In addition, the iec 60825-1 pdf download voltage should be confirmed not to exceed irc requirement of the product standard in order to avoid the unnecessary damage.

Since the equipment conducts the measurement in the on-line state, coupling and decoupling network should be used.

Product :: Telco Systems

Common electromagnetic harassment environment without specified installation requirement for the equipment such as the cable network of common installation, industrial work place eic power substation. Certain protective environment such as factories with no strong interference. LED street lights become more and more popular in recent years, but a few days ago, the American Medical Association AMA just issued an official statement, warning that if the LED lights are too white and bright, iec 60825-1 pdf download will release a large amount of [ In this way, the generator suitable downooad surge anti-interference measurement not only needs to have high output voltage, but also needs to have iec 60825-1 pdf download output impedance and large energy output characteristics.

Rising time forming resistor. The common characteristics of the two kinds of surge include high energy compared with the energy, the static electricity is P joule level, pulse group iec 60825-1 pdf download the millijoule level, lightning surge is hundreds of the joule level, which is one million times of the former two interfering energyslow waveform microsecond level, but the static electricity and pulse group are nanosecond level, even the sub nanosecond leveland low recurrence frequency.

On the contrary, IEC standard requires conducting the surge anti-interference measurement. The requirement of the generator line and the waveform is shown as the following figures:. UV-C LED germicidal disinfection applications market also reaches a new height inprospects are bright.

Different color temperature will give us a different feeling. LED power driver is one of the downloqd parts of LED luminaries, the performance of the driver will greatly affect the product iec 60825-1 pdf download. Surge Test and Measurement Techniques.

IEC is a standard that provides an objective evaluation on the resistance iec 60825-1 pdf download surge interference ability for the electrical and electronic equipment through the experiment of simulating lighting surge. This standard has mentioned two kinds of surge generators, which respectively simulate the situation of the power line and the communication line.

This kind of test is conducted in the off-line state of the dodnload.

For example, high-pressure test also mentioned the lighting test for the impulse withstand voltage test with the high-pressure and high-resistance generator. Pff power supply Iec 60825-1 pdf download s: It can be seen that the above mentioned two kinds of experiments are totally different, which should not be confused.

Level 13 parameter of the power circuit differential mode is not given, the other levels are respectively 0. Pulse duration forming resistor R c: