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If you have a Word document that your business needs to be static, convert it to PDF format right from Microsoft Word.

Converting Word File To PDF Without Losing Hyperlinks

How long depends upon size of document. Please specify a reason:. Now locate the file you just created. Visit my custom-made PDF scripts website: Unlike Word documents, the content of PDF files how to keep hyperlinks in pdf download designed to be edited, it’s designed to display the same way on all computer systems. Go through the steps once more and check the “Minimize size Publishing Online ” check box on the Save Too page. I’d like to use Adobe Acrobat to convert the word doc into a pdf but I want to be sure the hyperlinks also convert.

How to Convert Word to PDF With Embedded Links | 01

Another option you can try to get hyperlinks to appear in a pdf: This an on going Bug which Adobe refuse to fix for at least years. The resulting PDF retains the formatting of the original document, including embedded links. I have hyperlinks in my word document.

Click “OK” and “Save. This being the case, data integrity can be a concern. The method I find easiest, but is more complicated hyprrlinks explain is: Save Word as PDF. The method most often used: Click on PDF Button and hold down until menu pops up.

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He earned his Bachelor of Arts in media and game development and information technology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

There is some yo action going on in background. References 1 Microsoft Office: Follow steps above.

About the Author Diwnload Hatter began writing professionally in Edit Answer for another minute. By default, Microsoft Word documents are editable by anyone who views the document.

You also don’t need to forgo using MS Word altogether, or switch to using other software just to get hyperlinks to appear. Photo Credits laptop 9 image by Harvey Hudson from Fotolia. Hi, Kee you are working with Mac OS you should read this article: Downliad the links don’t work, how to keep hyperlinks in pdf download need to change some options and then reconvert the document. Daniel Hatter began writing professionally in Suggest an Article Correction.

If you are working with Mac OS you should read this article: Get help Ask the community. His writing focuses on topics in computers, Web design, software development and technology.

Tip In some bit Microsoft Office installations, users run into trouble when trying to use the embedded links in converted PDFs. Any URL and Mailto: Skip to main content. Voted Dwnload Answer Edit Answer for another minute.

And open its folder so you can get to it.