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Femdom Art Sissy Forced Feminization. Use at your own risk. He was so exhausted from the physical and mental anguish that he final passed out. Make sure you have a valid e-mail address, as this is required to use Forced Womanhood Pdf Free Download. It seem to be attached using his piercing.

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He had finally won something in his life. A must catalog for bondage enthusiasts. There are two herbs with natural estrogen in them that will give you the same effect as estrogen without all the side effects of possible cancer, loss of erection, etc.

A must catalog for anyone who wants to pass.

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Centurians makes the best skin tight helmets that mold to the slave’s head. He was smiling intently down at you. Pdc know we made a serious mistake letting women vote. When I did n’t act like a proper woman she would bind me up until I promised to do everything right.

Forced Womanhood Pdf Free Download. You raised your hips helping Ms J drive the vibrator even deeper into your delighted little anus. He felt something sticky touch his nipple. She kept forcex at you and making kissing motions at you into the air. Under heavy bondage for a week he finally agreed.

Before he could even thank her he felt the cool metal as the collar was firmly attached to his neck. We put out a special edition of Forced Womanhood every two years.

The Sissy Sort

She has now turned poor Giselle over to Mistress Foxy to be thoroughly trained as a sissy slave taught how to satisfy both men and women with her tongue, lips and mouth. A career woman comes home after a long day at work to find her husband slouched over a poker game with his buddy, drinking in the middle of the day and looking at porno mags.

A pair of red polk-a-dot stretch capri’s that fit skin tight, a halter top, and a pair of high heeled, wedge sandals.

I wisely admitted defeat and was returned to my more enjoyable bondage while doing housework. Lots of true stories, great photos and beautiful art.

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But she must have lubed owmanhood good because despite how tight my but was clenched, she gave a good powerful shove and I felt it drive all the way in to the hilt. She showed me how to use makeup and walk in heels. The way she sucked my cock was just superb. So I thought since this was a very special birthday for Brad I’d just purchase both. Fixing his hair in his room he stared at his reflection. I love oral sex and soon I’ll be chastising him permanently. She had left the light on in her quick departure so this was his chance to see his cell.

The cage wasn’t the only thing that prevented her from standing up. It felt so good. When I read your magazine I realized that Doug and I could both have what we want.

The following morning I crushed her into the tightest, latex corset. Master Jake stood by the whole time with a whip, and if I showed any sign of resistance, used it to ensure my obedience. The glands are processed at controlled low temperature to preserve the natural constituents by our exclusive process Lyophilization by sublimation.

Stud Antonio just continued to smirk at your obvious discomfort They glued on the most ridiculously long eyelashes, then the longest, pointed fingernails. It was to be expected.

She then smiled rather wickedly.

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